About Community Action


Here at the Community Action website we are keen to promote the virtue of knowing what is going on in your local area, and getting people to get out there and get involved. If people can be convinced to take part in different kinds of community action, they will inevitably begin to foster a sense of civic pride, and their community can only benefit. The more people care about their local environment, the more people will be persuaded to take care of it. If you are interested in the subject of Community Action you can call our expert team directly for more information.

Please Note

The Community Action website is not related to the old Qube OCA website.

If you would like to know more about the Qube OCA website please contact Oswestry Commmunity Action directly on 01691 671571.

New community gardens

There are many new community gardens around London and the surrounding areas. If you want to go for a walk you can always go to places like Hyde Park or Richmond park in London. There are new parks opening as well however they are not as large as those above but in general there is more green around London.